TReND Links

Academic Exchange Service

TReND links is a spin-off portal run by TReND in Africa intended to facilitate academic and cultural exchange between (neuro)scientists worldwide.

The service is 100% free and offers any (neuro)scientist the possibility to submit a brief academic profile and then browse for like-minded scientists abroad.

By registering with TReND links, scientists agree to be politely contacted via email in academic matters, to offer advice, share protocols or discuss options for scientific collaboration.

Links are intended to foster global exchange, fruitful scientific progress as well as personal friendships.

Like all academic subjects, (neuro)science is a global discipline. Fruitful research and scientific progress fundamentally depends on academic exchange between peers.

In particular the Western nations boast a long standing tradition of scientific research and education, with the vast majority of top-ranked publications originating outside of Africa. African science is rapidly catching up, however, knowledge is often poorly exchanged between African and Western researchers. Limited resources to attend conferences and often costly journal subscriptions limit African scientists’ ability to follow the latest developments in Western research.

The first factor is especially important because even when African researchers have access to international journal publications, they receive this information with a significant delay with respect to its Western peers who often exchange new knowledge and ideas during conferences. At the same time, regional publication outlets and language barriers frequently render findings and research agendas from African academia unavailable to Western researchers. Moreover, African and Western researchers have easy access to different samples, materials and patient groups, and bring unique perspectives about implementation and sustainability of research to the table.

Our approach builds upon a combination of academic research collaboration, an exchange of knowledge and access to resources, and the establishment of personal relations and networks connecting African and the West. This project is intended to:

  1. keep Western (neuro)science sensitive to the needs and discoveries of African research
  2. improve African researchers’ access to the latest knowledge and techniques in mainstream research
  3. broaden the research area toward a truly cooperative approach to research, combining the different strengths and interests of African and Western research
  4. help integrate African scholarship into the global science debate, and facilitates African researchers’ efforts to establish themselves in the global science community.
  1. Please do not submit more than one profile. If you made a mistake in the registration process, contact us and we will change/delete it for you.
  2. Please use your real name.
  3. Please do not send group emails to members, but only personal emails. Spamming is an exclusion criterion. report spam.
  4. You can email any TReND links members about academic advice - however keep all contacts professional, to the point and polite. Please note that everyone is busy. If you do not receive an answer after a few days, it is okay to politely contact them again. If you still do not receive an answer, please do not insist.
  5. We are just starting and rely heavily on direct feedback from our members! Please send us your comments about TReND links (ideas, comments, things you would like to see changed etc.).
  1. I understand that financial interests of any kind are not permitted.
  2. I agree that any TReND links member may contact me via email regarding academic exchange.
  3. If my academic situation changes (e.g. change of university, major change in research focus, leaving science etc.) it is my responsibility to notify the administrators of TReND links accordingly. Your profile will be updated by the administrators.
  4. You can unsubscribe from TReND links at any time without issuing a reason by contacting the administrators. However, we always appreciate feedback!
  5. TReND links reserves the right to exclude anyone violating the above guidelines.