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Academic Exchange Service

Name University Country Scientific fields Model system Research technique
Taylor French McGill University Canada Neuroscience, psychology, and computer applications Humans and rodents Neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and optogenetics
Matti Shambalula University of namibia Namibia Engineering
Austin Quinn University of CaliforniaDavis United States Neuroscience
Stephen Manchishi University of Zambia Zambia Physiology, neuroscience, and behavior Rats and mice Biochemistry and behaviour
Matilda M. M. Phiri University of Zambia Zambia Ecology, behavior, and species interactions Behaviour
kafilat Adedeji University of Ibadan Nigeria Agriculture, microbiology, and molecular biology Bacteria and cell culture
Tom Baden TübingenCIN Germany Fish and mice Optical imaging, electrophysiology, and computational / theoretical
Shanna Swart University of Cape Town South Africa Enzymology and biochemical engineering Bacteria Biochemistry
Mohamed Biza Amedago Addis Ababa University Ethiopia Physiology, cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive science Humans, rats, and mice Biochemistry, neuroimaging, and electrophysiology
Issa Yusuf University of Ibadan Nigeria Neuroscience, physiology, and molecular biology Humans, rats, and mice Behaviour, electrophysiology, and glucose metabolism
Elisabeth Ngo Bum University of MarouaUniversity of Ngaoundere Cameroon Behavior, physiology, and neuroscience Mosquitoes, bacteria, and mice Pharmacology, behaviour, and electrophysiology
Travis Jacobs Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada Neuroscience and biomedical engineering Rodents Behaviour
André Maia Chagas University of Tübingen Germany Systems Neuroscience Rodents Electrophysiology

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