A native OS X KeePass client

Lock tight, on every level


Built on the tried-and-tested KeePass framework.


Ported for OS X from the ground up.

Open Source

Free to use. Free to change.

Get the latest pre-release.

  0.4.1 alpha

Why MacPass?

It's like a safe for your keys

MacPass keeps all of your passwords in an encrypted .kdb or .kdbx database.

Use a strong password or a keyfile to gain access, or use both just to be sure.

Encrypt your keyfile on a USB dongle.

Carry it around with you like a true cypherpunk.

Hard to break, simple to use

Keeping your passwords private shouldn't be a chore,
it should be the default.

Add entries to your database with a single click, and remove them just as easily.

MacPass is being built with the Cocoa API, so it looks and feels like a built-in app.

Make safer passwords

The in-app generator helps create passwords that nobody can guess.

No need to use the same password accross all your accounts anymore.

MacPass is only for OS X, but the databases and keyfiles it uses are compatible with any KeePass client.

Check out the official KeePass website for a list of ports.


Don't take our word for it.

Check out the source code. Make MacPass better.

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